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Children and adults with PWS vary considerably in their cognitive abilities, ranging from severe learning disabilities through to mild or no learning disabilities, although in the latter case their emotional development can impact on the way they use the knowledge they have.  Children may attend mainstream or special schools, depending on their ability and the amount of support they can access. Although there are only a few adults with PWS in full-time employment, many have a fulfilling life through part-time or voluntary work, or accessing educational courses.

The following links are sections from the PWS Journey.  Families can obtain a hard copy of the whole PWS Journey,  which is updated as their child reaches the next age range, by becoming a member of PWSA UK

For advice and support about applying for an Education, Health and Care Need Assessment about EHC plans, or about appealing a Local Authority decision. Please contact the office on 01332 365676 or email

Developing your child’s potential – Birth to 2 years

Developing your child’s potential and preparing for school  2 – 5 years

Your child at school  5 – 10 years

Developing your child’s potential  5 – 10 years

Your child at school  10 – 13 years

Your teenager at school  13 – 18 years

Further education and options after school 13 – 18 years

Education, work and training  18 – 25 years

Developing skills, work and training  25 – 40 years

Work and training  40+ years

Information for teachers

You may find the following links useful to give to your son or daughter’s teacher for educational support staff.

Information for nursery school staff

Youtube video for nursery school staff

The 33 minute video covers:
•    Characteristics of the syndrome
•    Early Years development
•    Cognitive Abilities
•    Dietary needs and management
•    Health concerns
•    Working with young children with PWS
•    Guidance on what reasonable adjustments you might make to enable the child to access every area of the EYFS
•    Transition to Primary School

Information for primary school staff

Information for secondary school staff

Information for college staff

Information for employers

The following link is to Best Practice Guidelines for Employers. This can be used for any type of employment, whether paid or voluntary.

Best practice guidelines for employers

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If you have a question about education, work or training which is not answered in the links provided, please contact us.