Children and adults with PWS whose weight is well-managed are normally relatively healthy, but there are several complex health needs and risk factors of which health professionals need to be aware. Many of these are caused by hypothalamic dysfunction.  See below for information for various health specialists.

Information for Emergency Departments and Hospital Staff


Health Multi-Disciplinary Overview - Our health multi-disciplinary overview is a pathway for all professionals involved in the care of an individual with PWS. With a clear outline, and links to relevant documents on our websites, it details who should be involved when and covers from birth to adolescence. It is most effective used as an online tool as part of your son or daughter’s electric notes, and is available to all health professionals. The link can be passed to your son or daughter’s lead consultant, and a copy can be downloaded and printed for information purposes. With grateful thanks to Dr Anne Livesey, Consultant Community Paediatrician at Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital, Brighton.


Psychiatrists and psychologists

PWS tips for Medical Professionals

Mental health in PWS